PM BLAST (fun related, BM stream of thought style)

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Post your favorite fun stream of consciousness PM's to folks. Keep it anonymous and fun if you wish, mean and loser-filled if you desire. I'm bored.

This PM was originally PM'd to a strutter whom will not be named. It was sent this morning. Names have been changed and this is the reader's digest PG-13 version....note, this was written in like 2 minutes off a coffee high. It has been edited heavily since its inception.

Okay buddy, if you want me to return a PM to you filled with overtures of love, praese to have Hank send me $7. I am not into piracy. The RIAA is on your ass already. I called my lawyer, manager, and record label sample consultant who will beat down on you if you continue to steal from me.

And regarding me being an eBay loser, if and when that happens I'll just boycott ebay and travel in a civic and buy all the records and start my own auction company. Fuk a final value ending fee, seriously. Fuk Italian fanies who try to steal from us. Seriously, you have nothing to fear but fear itself (word to fuggin JFK). They are magical loser geniuses who will lose my business and they probably smell their own fingers. By the way, I am really really into 7" pic sleeves.

Dude, I got up at 5:50 which is late for me. I got to the swap in the dark and it was not too dark, like fugging 6:30 almost, fuking late for me. I scored like 3 records and left. Czerwone Gitary for $1.

Then I blasted three six mafia all the way back to ** ******* ***** and bought gas for $2.69 which was radd cos we are losers in an energy war. I also put air in my tires, which was super radd.

After I got my coffee I am doing my laundry and drinking this grande latte feeling buzzed on 5-6 hours sleep and rocking out cos I rule. I could care less about horn rock and listening to horn rock is so wak I'm going to stab myself with a shard from a broken Blood Sweat and Tears 3 album if I ever become that guy. fuk a braek.

PS: Hank has more cool raedd records than I will evar have and he knows more than me, too. Laterz fanies, I'm going to send this long ass shit to Hank and Richard and make them cry.

PPS: Fukin they gave me the bottom of the brew and I just spit out a mouthful of fuking grinds and ish.

God Bless America!!!!!

Mark Latency


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    I got a lot of PM's yesterday for my B-day but my favorite just said-

    happy birthday cock snot


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    All set to post in the classifieds section.



    You'll never guess who sent me that one.

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    I can Mail pretty

    From: F****_G****

    A*** K****
    **** Elkwood Ln.
    West Covina, CA

    I have one functioning eyes

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