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    So Bobby Broom is a bit of a legend, having played with Sonny Rollins(and a host of others) since age 16,  but known only a bit outside of music industry and jazz guitar world. Being from Chicago I have the good fortune of being able to catch him around town and even studied guitar with him for a bit. I had always revered his recordings. Well today I learned he had another notch on his belt as the man on guitar in Tome Browne's Funkin for Jamaica... It got me thinking, who are your some of your favorite unsung heroes hiding in the background of a classic tune? 
  • Lost John Coltrane Quartet Album

    Sorry I    missed this. I got the same & agree. I think the first LP I felt was particularly powerful, the thing that struck me was the breadth of composition and improvisations. I love hearing the more straight bebop numbers where you can hear the exploration in their solos, like they were searching to move beyond their current form. The best example of this is probably on the second LP Impressions, of which there are like four versions. But after four renditions it gets tedious for most, including myself. Overall I think this release is a treasure and can stand on its own as an important waypoint in the Coltrane evolution, not some throw-away tapes released as a cash grab.
  • Post An Ungoogleable Record

    An update from my previous post: I have gotten in touch with a relative of Patrick's, by chance.  Hoping they can tell me a bit about him. We shall see...

    In the meantime I never gave yall a pic of the record. I think the watercolor cover is pretty cool. I wonder if the original painting is still around.

  • Vinyl Recording/Digitizing Setup

    I have never used Rekordbox. I don't DJ out much so Audacity is simple enough for me.  

    Thanks for the tips everyone. Great advice here. I like the idea of cork slip-mats never used them, but can you scratch with them... say if I was recording a live mix? Definitely gonna pick up some turntable weights and use the rubber-band trick. Looking into some of those Rolands or a Duet.

    Likely not gonna invest in much till after I save a little more after my wedding :-/ but will check back in to update y'all on my progress!

    No one with reel-to-reel vinyl recording experience?