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  • World Cup sh*t tawk

    There's something refreshing about watching a WC without your team in it - you don't worry or angsty, you just enjoy the football.
  • Beat making

    Pissing around with something. Extreme cheese;

    klezmer electro-thug beats
  • Barcelona, now

    Duderonomy said:
    I fail to comprehend how Madrid could deal with it any worse
    I had to say it.

    Shit's been craaazy in some places, but ultra quiet and chilled in others. Many stories and anecdotes flying around social media about levels of police brutality. The thing that is going unreported is the reaction of (some of) the Spanish. Last week there was news footage of police vans leaving southern Spanish towns to raptuous crowds waving them off as heros... to travel north and oppress (with extreme prejudice) their fellow Spaniards? Right.
    On top of that you have videos of Spaniards showing national pride on Saturday by gathering in a central Madrid plaza (probably many other parts of Spain too), blaring out an old Francoist anthem and performing Nazi salutes. Totally unreported in the MSM as Trump would say.
    Nazi salutes from Franco-ultras have been seen around Barcelona too, but with little media coverage, but it's precisely this, which is easy to dismiss as blind Catalan prejudice until you see it in action, that the independentistas have been saying they want to leave.
    I tried in the past to remain neutral and call out sweeping generalisations about Spanish fascism when I heard them, but any society that permits that behaviour without calling it out and confronting it is sick - the thing is, the video I saw has teenagers who are probably too young and ignorant to fully understand what that symbolizes. Again the blame for this can be laid at Spain's refusal to have a national dialogue about Franco. Sweeping the horrors of it under the carpet and pretending it didn't happen results in antagonism simmering away for decades, and to my friends and facebook adversaries who've said the whole independence movement is just greed - bullshit. The recent history (if you want to dismiss Franco and the injustices of Transition as "ages ago" which is a massive disrespect to anyone over the age of 50) of this is a 2003 attempt to have the exact nature of Catalunya's identity, laws and limits codified into a statute, and the following 14 years of Madrid obstructionism. The Catalans have been trying to voice dissent legally as part of a democracy that just doesn't function as such, and yes, I will admit there is most likely a high degree of opportunism on the part of politicians using current financial hardships to sharpen the debate, but after yesterday I can forgive all that as a means to a justifiable end.

    Anyway, the Catalans are calling a general strike tomorrow. My biggest fear is that they try to enact independence on the back of what was clearly not a democratic process - through no fault of their own - they need to be patient enough to seek their goals legitimately by pressuring the EU while they have the sympathy and attention of a much bigger and easily more receptive audience than the fascist establishment in Madrid. They would be throwing away the sacrifices and hardships of those who were beaten if they gave Madrid any more reason to call into question the legality of their referendum. If anyone is prevented from voting, whether 'si' or 'no', the whole thing is a sham.
  • Bladerunner 2 (no spoilers!)

    Anyone hyped about this? Initially I wasn't wild about the idea, but maybe studios have learnt from the Lucas-era Star Wars debacle and are giving directors free reign to pursue franchise sequels/reboots etc as art than merely paint-by-numbers box-office results. The reviews are so universally good that I'm salivating. Caught one 20 second trailer at a cinema, and I'm now awaiting the rapture.
  • New Music / Release Thread

    Strong K&D vibes...