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  • Introducing... The Soul Strut Music Archive

    I am viewing this logged in, but when I click the link to go to the Archive I end up not being logged in on that page and I am being asked to log in again to comment if need be (?)

    I would imagine that once I log in that should follow me from page to page...no?

    I'm using the Vanilla software for this message board which has a commenting system that is associated with this login. It's terrible.  I thought I would try Disqus which is more modern robust option, but that means you need two accounts to make your experience here seamless.  So, I'm kind of stuck at the moment.

  • Introducing... The Soul Strut Music Archive

    Raj, Is your collection alphabetized by First Name?

    It's looking great so far btw.
    Sort of...  I'm just going by how it's organized in iTunes 
  • Introducing... The Soul Strut Music Archive

    Also am I right in gathering from this that you have an archive (presumably not easily restored to readability online) of '01-'05 threads? where is the :raw: graemlin?

    '01-03 can be downloaded here (Golden era Soul Strut!):

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/qqls7xfv3xgd3ne/The Board 01-03.zip?dl=0

    2004 is on Waybackmachine, but you can only see subjects.  This is when I switched from HTML to a MySQL database and lost the back up.

    The board here starts in February 2005 I believe.... So we are missing Nov 2003 - to Feb 2005... sadly.

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  • Introducing... The Soul Strut Music Archive

    For the past few years, it's been extremely quite around here.  While the web site hasn't seen much activity (other than the mixes page), I have been extremely active behind the scenes meticulously combing a vast archive of discussion threads from 2001-2007 documenting the eclectic and diverse musical tastes and trends of the Soul Strut community.

    I have amassed around 17,000 albums and singles (and that is up until 2007.)  

    I've made a life time decision to review and collect the most relevant recordings discussed on here in order to inform music lovers for years to come of how great this place really was is.

    I'm going alphabetical.  So with an average of 5 reviews a day, it will take me YEARS to complete.

    So, without further, here is the soft opening of THE ARCHIVE.
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  • Albums that you put you into transcendental bliss

    I've heard a little of Steve Reich (enough to get the joke in the cake video), but haven't sat down with it. I'll give it a go, thanks.

    Check out the Tycho albums.  It's a great gateway drug.  Also Gigi Masin and Gaussian Curve... alot of the MFM stuff is fantastic.

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