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  • Mr Dibbs - Turntable Scientifics (sample-r)

    Yeah, that's from the Disney joint:


  • Mr Dibbs - Turntable Scientifics (sample-r)

    Sounds like the Disney version, 1973.

  • Beat making

    RhythmGJ said:
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    RhythmGJ said:
    Mostly hardware. Some iPhone apps for sound sources!


    Dope... mobile digging sounds intriguing. What kinds of apps if you don't mind me asking? 

    Sure-- For starters, Launchpad, Sample Toy, iKaossilator, DJ Rig, Traktor DJ, Dub Siren, Groovemaker, BeBot... A bunch of synths and drum machines, and both an MPC and Roland-type bass module that I forget the name of.


    Ahh good looks! Just got a new iphone over the weekend, about to try some of these out... 

       (because I can't find a "thumbs-up" emoji)...


    Sampletoy is the truth! About to have some wild field recordings lol

    Lots of fun. Memory wise, you usually have to keep the samples pretty short, but once you start scaling, high-lighting small segments to go granular, etc. lots and lots of fun. If you can add an external microphone, you can get some decent sounds.


  • Do you use Discogs for cataloging your collection? (RR)

    Yes, I started an account years ago, but only started cataloging my collection last year. Painfully slow process, and I'm not even a third of the way done (of course, I keep buying vinyl and CDs)... I wish I had started data entry right away. I usually just postpone putting in all of the info for records that aren't already there, and it is daunting going through 47 versions of something, of which 10-20 are actually the same (there are a lot of duplicate "versions" in Discogs).

    It has a lot of flaws and is time-consuming, but it's still probably the best option out there and I appreciate what they are doing. I still need my own private data-base software, I think.

    As a buyer, it's a bit of a pain that between eBay and Discogs, all casual sellers, and quite a few full-timers, assume that every one of their records should sell for whatever the absolute top price is on either site; they don't even average and it's almost regardless of condition nowadays. People assume top dollar for very pedestrian stuff due to these sites and the on-going "vinyl resurgence."

    If anyone is interested, there is a recent interview with Discogs' CEO on "The Vinyl Guide with Nate Goyer" podcast that is worth a listen. 

  • Paging Batmon - Black Panther film

    Basically a complex character with a detailed back-story who is, as in the film, trying to help those he can in the outside world as possible/necessary, but whose primary responsibility is as the protector of his country.

    The Claw character is a bit different from his counterpart in the comics, and the villain is a bit of an amalgam of a number of characters that appeared in various Marvel titles as well as Black Panther/Jungle Action.

    It is sometimes hard for people to separate the characters name from other social/political connotations it may have, but there really are no connections. This can be confusing.

    It is important to remember, however, that Lee created the Black Panther, and other Afro-centric characters like Powerman/Luke Cage and Blade, when there were no real templates and no other marketplace impetus to do so. He was ahead of his time.

    In regards to one poster above, "Black liberation" was assumed in the film, and the comics before it, the essence of which was invested in the Kingdom of Wakanda. Regardless of the plight of Africans/African-Americans throughout history or now, it would be wrong for Wakanda to colonize the outside world, just as it was wrong for the Europeans to colonize Africa. That should go without saying, which is why it wasn't spelled-out with a lengthy virtue-signaling speech in the movie.

    Anyway, a primer: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Panther_(comics)