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  • The 2017 RIP Thread

    RIP Filmaker legend George Romero. Some of his horror strks have some sick samples.
  • Tempo for Tots

    Are you specifically looking for kids records with breaks/samples? I think there was a Kids breaks comp awhile back, but these are what I remember. 
    I'm sure there's tons. 

    Mike Curb-Mickey Mouse March
    Stark Reality
    Wood Brass & Steel-Kidbits theme  (Detroit)
    Hap Palmer kids drum record-forget title
    Jewish kids sing along record- ill drum break
    Electric Company lp
    Play School-Bang on a Drum UK
    Banana Splits (Barry White)
    That dope "Peas Porridge" drum break which could be from one of the above but I forget, hope that helps

  • Does anyone have info on this session mix of RUN DMC-Beats to the Rhyme?

    Hell, if I was an artist that owned the rights to my master tapes I would.  License them out for a fee. We all know a lot of the artists from the golden age of hip hop are not all millionaires. The problem is the greedy three headed monster labels Sony/UMG/Warner who pretty much own the rights to everything now.
  • Does anyone have info on this session mix of RUN DMC-Beats to the Rhyme?

    As far as I know this is the only multitrack session of BTR. Been around for awhile. The verses are pretty limited and then the rest of the session goes on with the instrumental for several minutes. I'm just curious as to when it was recorded? It sounds much older than 1988 to me. Could be wrong. If anyone out there has the album version session and wants to trade for another classic multi pm me. Looking for those new Tribe joints "Can I kick it" "Bonita" also SR-"Children's Story"
    Onyx-Slam. Seen on recent trade lists.
  • Donald Trump for President!

    Let's re-visit this thread come election time.

    Right now I don't see a single Dem candidate stopping Trump's momentum. Popular GOP candidates like Cruz and Rubio are getting annihilated. The country does not like the current status quo, and that goes for both parties. Clinton represents the lobbyists and is more of a centrist than the naked socialist Bernie Sanders. Also I think the majority of the smart people Dem or Rep don't trust Hillary. If she gets indicted over the email thing, it's over unless Joe Biden throws his hat in the ring. Bloomberg? What's he going to do add an amendment to the Constitution banning carbonated soda? Lol

    The bottom line is the American people in general want radical change from the same bought and paid for crony politicians on both sides. That's the only reason an extreme socialist or someone with zero political experience like Trump could be considered for POTUS.
    If you live in the US and can't tolerate the possibility of Donald Trump winning you better get your passport ready lol