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  • August Pick Ups

    been hitting up the 7" stashes in the local stores lately. I now have a big pile to wash and sort through. But some of the recent pulls include:

    foeklezmer electro-thug beats
  • Rooftop djing troubleshooting

    the right kind of kite can create a fun vibe
  • I've got a new record and it only took 17 years

    this is very good for head nodding
    Controller 7
  • Recent Finds

    Padilha these finds are killin' me! Erasmo 45 is incredible. Dinalva is heat too. I had never even considered Brazilian 45s as a concept, is this a deep field I didn't know about? Was 7 inch a popular format for Brazilian music?
    there's a ton of stuff, but unfortunately not too many people cared about them, which means a lot of the used shops don't buy them and I think they just end up in the trash. I don't think it was a very popular commercial format BITD, so a lot of it was confined to radio stations and other promotional uses. At least that's my impression.

    That being said, there's some serious heat to be found in 7", and a lot of shit that was only released in that format. That Dinalva is a good example, there's lots amazing afro-samba, boogie, psych, etc. The Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas comp was done just from stuff on 7".
    klezmer electro-thug beats
  • Recent Finds

    some recent and not so recent finds. Happy to have found the two Nara Leão, plus the Sérgio Ricardo is one I've found a few times before but always passed it along, will probably keep this one though.

    Aldemaro is a weird venezuelan record that promised psyched out sitars on the cover but delivered this instead:

    Waldir Calmon is one people seem to be after because of a Madvillain sample.

    The find of the year for me though is Waltel Branco's Assim Na Terra Como No Céu, even if some asshole moth ate a hole into one of the tracks. This one's a compilation of novela soundtracks that had been unreleased until then, except for one or two tracks. A bit of a

    been having some decent luck with the 7"s lately, some of the highlights are:

    para11axBeatnick DeeThe Bizarreklezmer electro-thug beatsketan