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  • No-class idiot. Somehow didn't get booked for the fake penno. Brasil, has it really come to this, diving to win? Sócrates and dem turning in dey graves.
  • No Winnarrs medal for Messi.  Mandems were dregful (sic).  Karius tweeting #metoo
  • Sterling gets in the right places consistently and still fluffs his lines.  A Vardy would slot all of these away.  I think Kane AND Vardy up front is a good idea.
  • Duderonomy said: Damn, this Spain vs Portugal game is good. Hoping Ronnie prevails as I’d rather meet them than Spain in the later stages. #VINDICATEDNever count them out when he's on the pitch.  Just one of those rare players who can sin…
  • Just heard "Ventriloquism". "Tackling a range of R&B radio hits from the 1980s and 1990s, Meshell Ndegeocello treats the practice of covering another’s songs as an act of intimacy and empathy."tl;dr: Still sombre A.F.
  • Klaus und dem FTW, nailed on fam. Belgium to be there or thereabouts. England to peak too soon, iron-face Kane to get crocked in first game. Ultras to run riot.  Russian police to stand back and observe.  (I bet the ultras are off-duty rozzers).
  • ketan said:  I've was never sure what the advantage/disadvantage was in terms of the quality of the recording  ?? I am guessing one advantage is : No-one can steal or butcher your Master tape because it doesn't exist.  Plus you don't get…
  • Perhaps, while you ponder the Zeitgeist, the answer was staring you right in the ears?  The Hiatuses are a complete one-off and for my 2p, the world is a better place for them and their ilk*. You might process the noise better if you break it down t…
  • Looks like a killer lineup, can't wait to hear the whole thing.
  • Check @wonguy974 on Instagram.  Great Paris pics.
  • What Duder said generally about The Netherlands.  Most people are hella chill.  We stayed in the Singel hotel in Amsterdam last time, canalside and a nice 10 min walk into the busier part.  Great place, host very welcoming and proper euromang cheese…
  • Drake wouldn't venture that far off course for fear of "Diluting the Product" - such is the magnitude of his tryst with "The Business". I'll allow Drake some kudos as he does collab with non-mainstream acts, like Hiatus Kaiyote.  They have Nai…
  • The bigger question then, is what IS acceptable? Does a band have to pay its dues on the Chitlin Circuit or in prison to be legit? Are those roads to "Authentic City" still open? Or should they abandon the necrophilia of real instruments and con…
  • klezmer electro-thug beats said: seeing a dude with Nate Smith's or Michael Bland's abilities in these tracks is inspiring This is the positive take-home for me.  Nice to see them getting some shine. Mandem said: this whol…
  • Got an electronic Beach Boys tinge to it.  I like it.
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  • I haven't heard it yet but liking it for the turtle-neck summation.  When I get a moment will deffo do so. I myself have never gone all-in for the turtle-neck because: 1) I hate Steve Jobs 2) Stubble causes premature bobbliness on the cashmere.
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  • klezmer electro-thug beats said: ...spotify seems designed for someone not wanting to have to choose each thing that comes on. Yep.  And when I'm driving, that's exactly what I need.  I know Spldey hatts on the choices it's thrown at him,…
  • I will ride for Spotify. They got the interface right. That is the biggest win. I listen to it most on long commutes where I am driving and have Waze running so the stereo source is the phone because I need it to audibly tell me where the speed ca…
  • Jimster said: I've got a Moog Christmas set, no breaks yo on it but I found it a spookily good companion for cycling in snow. At night. Ymmv. Yo. Holler if you want it zipped somewhere
  • I've got a Moog Christmas set, no breaks yo on it but I found it a spookily good companion for cycling in snow. At night. Ymmv. Yo.
  • Too many in-jokes?
  • Holy bumpz. We are still here :beerbang:
  • On a side note there is not much chatter of Snarky puppy who I am finger crucifixing for all the above preconceptions. But yo, I know they ain't topping the Nth Power (with Nigel Hall).
  • RhythmGJ said: That's a funny thought^^^^ ("Guitars and music gear is cheaper than home audio"). GJ I can afford a bass, I know I'll never be able to afford a £20K stez + the cost of a room for the fucker.
  • I think the target audience for RSD are people who want to own or flip raer stuff.  I do have a lot of vinyl but it's because I want to listen to it myself, or cop licks from it.  The format (for me) is irrelevant, I guess, and I have all of it on m…
  • Looking like Real - Pool.  And the Spuds did Real with no drama, legit. I'd have a punt on Red but having lost the last bet I made in the Grand National on a photo finish (I had a tenner on it to win at 43-1), I'll not jinx them. The Oxfam Chamber…
  • True say fam. It's a made-up drug.  I have a friend who is a pro tattooist. Been on telly and everything. He won't do "Above the neck" unless the recipient is /are themselves in the business. Otherwise once the music is over, it's call-centre jobs …
  • So likkle time, so many recommendations... Duder, pleaease to drop knowledge re: teh skank streaming websites so man can catch up on his Lair of the White Worm and such :Ayo:
  • I can't see them losing by three goals in that form.  I step to the rear and cheer, they are going all the way.