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  • Me too. I saw the Coltrane exhibit at the Grammy Museum in LA recently and there were some nice gems, including an isolation room blasting a live performance of My Favorite Things (can't remember if I poasted about this here before). Some pics I t…
  • Do you know what part of Paris you're staying in yet?  
  • Duderonomy said: This a really good mix Ketan! Can tell a lot of thought and work went into this, a great balance of styles, sounds and textures. Thanks, Dude.  A lot of thought in the songs and the order - the mixing was surprisingly eas…
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  • Finally got this lightly mixed selection of love songs up on SC (had to start a new account since my og account finally hit the time length wall!).  Made in earnest for some friends, so there are some really common but wonderful love songs in there.…
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  • Danno3000 said: For me, it's also the juxtaposition of the lyrics and the beat.  Without suggesting that "This is America" is equivalent to say, Headless Horseman, I don't see Kon giving Eugene McDaniels the disco rework.  For some music, the…
  • I guess I'm in the minority.  It's not his most elaborate work, but I think it would kill a dancefloor.  If anything, I noticed some vocal stretching, so it sounds a bit amateur in that way.
  • Again, she writes, sings, plays the instruments on most of her music.   
  • My homies finally put out another project.  I'm biased but it's really strong and, if nothing else, totally unique.  This is my joint:
  • Beats may be out of place here, but there's all the stuff that JJ Perrey did with Luke Vibert, like this:
  • i've been a fan of young thug but i just can't. keep. up.   but this is really good.
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  • Yeah, I watch everything those two make.  The Guard, Calvary and of course In Bruges are classic.  Maybe even 3 Bills.
  • i liked three billboards a fair amount - the story, the acting and the overall tone, in particular.  some great lines, but i thought the writing was weak, compared to some of his other work (and compared to his bro-bro's writing - mindgarden sibling…
  • The Endless is proper indie thriller.  Very original.  Explores "psycho death cults". Oh, also Lowlifes.  Whoa.  Over the top but ultimately way more human than Pulp Fiction (which it's getting comparisons to).  Careful who you watch it with - most…
  • DOR said: Was shuffling itunes and don't remember grabbing these. !!!!!  That must mean that YOU created the hoax! (/Memento)
  • Ooh, I'm interested in this topic.  Not sure I can contribute - have only watched bits here an there.  I'll agree that the visuals are boooooring; much prefer the zaniness of Just Jam sessions
  • Always and forever, I collect vinyl because of the the affordability of discovering new music in the binz (okay, it's no longer cheaper than mpfrees).  RSD is clearly not serving that, except now that I know what I like, there are *some* cool releas…
  • There's a new Husalah album.  If you're a fan, it's not disappointing at all.   I missed this interview:
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  • I like that Saba joint - been meaning to listen to that album. That song reminded me of this from bitd (vibe wise):
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  • ^^ click this icon. you can either "paste" (ctrl-v) or upload an image or direct to a url.  
  • i'm in portland and just spend a while in music millennium - wow.  great shop.  picked up this david crosby things from last year.  listening to it on a wonky record player (a bit slow, i think) and it's great.…
  • Duderonomy said: ketan said: I kinda like this new Cut Chemist track.  I haven't heard much of what he's done in recent years but was a big fan bitd. Not what I was expecting. It might grow on me... nothing wrong with it per se,…
  • Have you read up on mother!, Junior?   I agree, it's a visceral rush but there's an apocalyptic narrative at work apparently.  I only picked on bits of it on my viewing. We just finished Wormwood and it's five stars.  The last part is fascinating.…
  • I went hiking in the Antelope Valley instead of grinding it out.  If I had gone out, I would have checked this:  You can read up on it here: But the most important thing is this …
  • This Batteau sounds great so far, thanks. Yeah, the BatteauX album is a classic. 
  • Been hearing them on the radio out here (KCRW loves them).  I like!  It took me a while to get into the vocal bits. When I first heard them, they reminded me of Dengue Fever
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  • I like this!
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  • I also love those Paul Revere albums mentioned above.    I might have posted this elsewhere on ss before...    The album version goes hard too.
  • You sound old! 
  • kicks79 said: Please to post what else you think is popping off for the young people. I'm genuinely interested in hearing examples.  Hard to know from where I sit, but these are big songs by younger/newer artists This skews too old for…