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  • Legend.  May she rest in peace. I definitely heard Respect when I was a kid.  But I think it was hearing Freeway of Love as a pop song - and realizing that she had a much older catalog - that eventually led me to this cassette, which I wore out: …
    in RIP Aretha Comment by ketan August 16
  • Historically speaking, I'm a fan of DITC. But I'm just catching up all the recent material coming out of the crew and there is some great stuff.
    in slept on Comment by ketan August 14
  • SoundOutLoud said: on this whole concept, if only because beyond the ruse, it really creates an image of Curtis slaying that song.
    in Fake News Comment by ketan August 7
  • Oh yeah!  Do not sleep on that King James version by House Shoes.  if you like DillaDog.
    in slept on Comment by ketan July 26
  • I was just listening to Fresh Mode the other day.  
  • It's an easy album to step into and listen to again and again.  And yeah, I agree, it *sounds* really good.
  • Is Nine Inch Nails too industrial?  Was definitely popular/mainstream. Ugh - half that list was/is not my style.  Not a mainstream rock guy.  Given the broadness of the thraed title, can we also talk 90s alt rock lists. Here's 10 (okay, 11) in alph…
  • ^  Whoa.  The make-up is unexpected.  I don't know whether to start wearing make-up or get angry about make-up.   Nice song.  I'll have to see if it has staying power or if I just want to list to the last album some more.  
  • [small text] at least Trippier's goal was a thing of simple beauty [/st] A few bad calls in favour of Croatia but yeah, one shot on goal just isn't going to cut it.
  • Incredible. It's a really good venue for seeing why he's the God.
  • I guess my questions is, did you listen to the new project and think he's fallen off, or just not even listen to them cause you're sick of him?
  • Haha - try to enjoy the next two hours...
    in WORLD CUP THRAED Comment by ketan July 3
  • Yeah the final goal was amazing
    in WORLD CUP THRAED Comment by ketan July 3
  • Brazil and Mexico are scoreless at half but it's been a really exciting game.  Looks like Mexico has more holes in their defence than Brazil...
    in WORLD CUP THRAED Comment by ketan July 2
  • Uruguay totally deserved that.  Pity they let in that goal.
  • Jimster said: Whatever German for "I did not see that coming" is. I believe it's pronounced sha-den-froy-duh.
  • Oh and the new Westside Gunn is incredible.  
  • Listening to the Jay Rock album and loving it.  (Hope Bassie is well!  Still in Toronto?) tbh I'm enjoying much of Kanye Season 2018. Haven't heard the Teyana Taylor album yet, but I think that's a different thread.
  • a better tomorrow is one of their finest moments  odb's verse on reunited has gotta be one of his hardest aot. the city is one of rap's great interpolations in one of the great eras for interpolation for the genre.  see also (non-wu-r): a lot …
  • i'm going through old things in my parents' basement and found this alternate playlist for wu-tang forever scrawled on the back of an envelope.  i remember my last thots on this album were post-uni, when i was wrapping my general obsession with the …
  • Been watching and enjoying, ignoring all the politics.  Has there been any problems outside of the pitch yet?  England are surprising me; I'm normally a hater tbh.  I see Mexico strengthening over the tourney. Iran/Portugal should be good tomorro…
  • Me too. I saw the Coltrane exhibit at the Grammy Museum in LA recently and there were some nice gems, including an isolation room blasting a live performance of My Favorite Things (can't remember if I poasted about this here before). Some pics I t…
  • Do you know what part of Paris you're staying in yet?  
  • Duderonomy said: This a really good mix Ketan! Can tell a lot of thought and work went into this, a great balance of styles, sounds and textures. Thanks, Dude.  A lot of thought in the songs and the order - the mixing was surprisingly eas…
    in SoundCloud Mixes Comment by ketan June 6
  • Finally got this lightly mixed selection of love songs up on SC (had to start a new account since my og account finally hit the time length wall!).  Made in earnest for some friends, so there are some really common but wonderful love songs in there.…
    in SoundCloud Mixes Comment by ketan June 6
  • Danno3000 said: For me, it's also the juxtaposition of the lyrics and the beat.  Without suggesting that "This is America" is equivalent to say, Headless Horseman, I don't see Kon giving Eugene McDaniels the disco rework.  For some music, the…
  • I guess I'm in the minority.  It's not his most elaborate work, but I think it would kill a dancefloor.  If anything, I noticed some vocal stretching, so it sounds a bit amateur in that way.