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  • This Batteau sounds great so far, thanks. Yeah, the BatteauX album is a classic. 
  • Been hearing them on the radio out here (KCRW loves them).  I like!  It took me a while to get into the vocal bits. When I first heard them, they reminded me of Dengue Fever
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  • I like this!
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  • I also love those Paul Revere albums mentioned above.    I might have posted this elsewhere on ss before...    The album version goes hard too.
  • You sound old! 
  • kicks79 said: Please to post what else you think is popping off for the young people. I'm genuinely interested in hearing examples.  Hard to know from where I sit, but these are big songs by younger/newer artists This skews too old for…
  • Its the sound of 2018 so far though. Not the sound of 2018, really?  Like, saleswise?  Cause there's lots of other great stuff coming out in 2018 made by/for young people.
  • Is clout directly proportionate to the number of bizarre tats one has?
  • Duderonomy said: Please give a definition that an old man rap head will understand. clout? I honestly don't know.But 69 seems like a troll.  I feel like he's trying to amass clicks rather than fans, and get sales that way.  He doesn't se…
  • I've avoided listening to it tbh. Caught some tunes here and there but yeah, haven't figured out if any of them are any good at rapping. Is being light skint a part of the culture? Some of the beats go off.
  • And Don't You Say No
  • I kinda like this new Cut Chemist track.  I haven't heard much of what he's done in recent years but was a big fan bitd.
  • Actually, one album that's more of a mixed bag but with some nice dub is this:
  • :kool aid man jumping through wall:
  • The Square is really good imo.  If you liked Force Majeure, then definitely give this a checky-check
  • Couldn't find the rap i'm feelin/liking/whateverx2 thraed but I found this one with divided opinions on Roc Marci.  His new album is really really really good.  The beats are on another level and he's still rappin hard.
  • Big list.  Most of my favs are there.  I'm not around my records atm but this is one of the few new takes on the sound that ever worked for me (incl r&s of course):
  • Steve, that mix was dope.  I love how you got off the records from J-Rocc's IG.  There's something very economical about that.  Does he really have a jungle mix of The Nod Factor up there?  Respect to the man. I'd love a download link, if you want …
  • The new Evidence album is great.  Old man hasn't lost it. I wish Primo got weirder over time, but the stuff that gets released is largely set in some earlier style of his. What are some of the weirder new Primo beats?
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  • RhythmGJ said: Oh, you mean New Old New Movies. Mountains May Depart (2015) was really great.  Even the ending gets points for following through, as ridiculous as it ends up getting.
  • Oh, right.  Totally oblivious to it this year...
  • He's playing later this month with giorgio moroder: That NPR thing is 
  • Yeah, title is super misleading!  
  • This was one of the best tracks of 2014 afaic
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  • This would have been/will be the greatest old man rap of all time, if it ever drops.  They already set the tone right. No one can convince me that Eminem aged well as a rapper.
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  • bassie said: Jonny_Paycheck said: Now that dudes are beginning to rap about life, and things other than rapping itself, and how terrible new rap is, it's becoming a bit more tolerable. If only the same could happen for posting on…
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  • you can still find great records for cheap in LA (plus some newer releases i bit the bullet on).  how are things where you thou excavate? Danja Mowf - QUESTION? ~~> Sweetsmoke RMX ~~> Mt Airy Groove ~~>  STEVE MILLER ALL DAY ~~>  ALC …
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  • ketan said: ^  She's got an otherworldly voice here and on almost every other thing I've heard by her.  I'm gonna see her live next month and super excited. NEWER THAN:
  • Yeah, there was a mention in the RIP thraed when we passed.  R.I.P.
  • I have an equally primitive early MP3 player called a Zen Creative that has Frank’s early mixes (and some unGoogleable J.Rocc stuff), but the thing crashed. If I’m ever feeling rich I might take it to a tech dude and see if anything is recoverab…