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  • Awesome!  Congrats!
  • trzakhstan said: Now twitter says Prodigy of Mobb Deep. It's true.  Complications from sickle cell.  RIP.
    in Damn Comment by RAJ June 20
  • Due to popular demand, I have added a fresh link with no expiration.   
  • Thes's production and DJ Day's turntable work never cease to amaze me.  Congrats!
  • This is the first SHOCKER of 2017.  I can't tell you how much Soundgarden's music meant to me back in the 90s (especially Louder Than Love and Badmotorfinger).  Cornell had one of the most powerful and iconic voices of the decade (rivaling Jeff Buck…
  • DOR said: Right in the feels... RIP Big Black! Do Work Son! Sad.  That was a great show and him and Rob had great comedic chemistry.  RIP!
  • RIP Col. Bruce Hampton.  Died on stage.
    in The 2017 RIP Thread Comment by RAJ May 2
  • foe said: i moved out of my bed bug ridden apartment and into this girls place in early january. that lasted one month before she started hitting me(twice is a trend to me) and i moved into my unemployed and alcoholic friends studio with him,…
    in You. Lately. Comment by RAJ April 27
  • ppadilha said: RIP Jonathan Demme don't some people here ride for Stop Making Sense as GOAT concert film? Who could forget his under appreciated masterpiece Something Wild.
  • Me: Settling into middle age nicely... working hard... making money... and spending lots of quality time with the wife and kids. Music is still a huge part of my life.  I'm playing guitar in 3 music projects and even unearthed all the analog gear …
    in You. Lately. Comment by RAJ April 21
  • Nice!  Your kids are in for a real treat with all that great music at their fingertips.  
  • Welcome! It's always a pleasure to see new blood.   Dig around, there's tons of information nuggets to discover on here.
    in What up what up. Comment by RAJ April 21
  • ketan said: RIP Cuba Gooding Sr Sad situation.  Apparently they found him slumped down in his Jag overdosed? RIP.
  • @tripledouble  Nice to see you check in.  I think there were a series of missteps that eventually encouraged a lot of the older heads to move on (changing of board software, too much political bullshit, the rise of social media). There are still so…
  • The Boston debut has and will always been my shit.  I own it on tape, vinyl, vinyl 180 gram, CD, 8 track, FLAC....  It was an album I knew note for note on guitar including the Hitch a Ride solos... introducing me to the art of cocked wah sounds. I…
  • I'm on as "soulstrut" 2003 technology STAND UP!
    in slsk Comment by RAJ March 17
  • I'm on it 12 hours a day rebuilding a library of 17,000 albums.  Best thing that ever happened on the Internet.  Millennials will never know nor comprehend.
    in slsk Comment by RAJ March 17
  • Oh no... RIP Bill Paxton. You Spit in This?
  • dukeofdelridge said: RAJ said: Diplo & Junie in one thread.    Raj I want to give you money, what's the easiest way? U have venmo? When that fireball comes I want to know at least I helped the Strutt stay up for one more day..…
  • mini said: RIP Clyde Stubblefied   
  • No G-Funk without Junie:
  • stratasphere said: Add Walter "Junie" Morrison to the list...R.I.P.. Oh man... He checked in 12 years ago...  A thread started by Diplo. http://community.soulstrut.com/discussion/702/funky-worm-ohio-players
  • Diplo & Junie in one thread.   
  • I remember watching this when I was a kid.  The Al Jarreau bit is some of the funniest shit that still sticks with me today.  RIP
  • klezmer electro-thug beats said: IT SHOULD HAVE, RAJ. I have been so incredibly busy I can't think straight lately... REAL WORLD MOVEZ RELATED.  I want to do this... Really I do.   
  • Two albums that changed my life and my outlook on music forever. Axelrod was one of the masters that married time, space, and layers with a swinging back beat. Hip hop before hip hop existed. RIP David Axelrod!
  • RIP John Wetton: Not a good time for fans of 70s UK prog 
  • Controller 7 said: Jimster said: Controller 7 said: Honored to have made two of the images you posted, Raj. Fun times. I was basically on all day, photoshopping like crazy. Ready to attack at any moment.  Do you still have th…