Hello,I'm the new guy[givemesoul]I'm just an old doo-wop-soul music guy from back in the day,glad to be here.



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  • Would the Temps have been the success they were without Ruffin? who would've sung[My Girl-I't's Growing-Ain't Too Proud To Beg]yes Paul was great,but David had the sound that fit those songs.
  • When school books were carried by hand..when tatoos were only worn by old soldiers..when nurses wore those cute little caps..when phone numbers began with letters..when the bus driver would give change..when earrings were only worn by women..when th…
  • I love to talk music as you can see by my post,so I'l be around.
  • My compliments to the founders for keeping this site up,many would've fallen by the way side.
  • Some other nice[slow]tunes...Funny[Walter Jackson]..Coldest Days Of My Life[Chi-Lites]..Time After Time[Isley Bros.]..Don't Have To Shop Around[Mad Lads]..Can I[The Manhattans].
  • I like this site,it's kinda quiet as explained by the founder but it's a cool little place to come and discuss music,more folks should drop by.
  • When the Allstar baseball game was played in the day time..when guys wore a tie and jacket to a party..when pictures got developed at the drugstore.
  • When the insurance man came to your house to collect money for your policy...when you only gave ONE offering at church...when there was something good on tv every night...when football was only played  on Sunday.
  • When you would actually get a FULL BAG OF POTATO CHIPS for a nickel.
  • I like this post,I guess that everyone else here is too young to remember..when you could call a business and get a human being  every time...when you could go to the corner store to get a loaf of bread or some candy...when your Holloween candy didn…
  • I just came across this post,and being an old dude I remember some things too...Hostess Cupcakes being five cents a pack...When you could leave your back door unlocked in the Summer and not worry about it...When your teachers could beat your tale an…
  • One of the great voices of soul and powerful too,David was the man he could shout em out-I Could Never Love  Another,or he could just croon-My word describes Ruffin-LEGEND!
  • Zorro-Cheyenne-Lawman-77 Sunset Strip-Hawiian Eye.
  • I last had a bike about fifty years ago,and rode it everywhere,yes bikes are great.
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