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  • Now Playing: Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, "Anthology" The similarities between Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions are kind of striking to me, and I never pondered it much before. It would have been nice to hear a collaboration... That's …
  • So much great obscure stuff. "Best" or "greatest" would be impossible for me to decide, but if there was only one (irony alert), I'd pick one of two: Flamingos "Only Have Eyes..." or Jive Bombers "Stardust" or "Blue World" GJ
  • Somewhere between 3000 and 5000 most likely, if you include LP's, 45's, CD's (a lot of those), and cassettes (an annoying amount). Also a few 8-tracks, too many pounds of 78's, a couple of Edison Discs, and one Edison Cylinder. Not counting music D…
  • True Grit, The Cowboys, El Dorado (same story as Rio Bravo and the other one, Rio Lobo? It's just the best version to me), and The Green Berets ("Get ees baygs, get ees things, and get eem outta here!"). Special award goes to The Man Who Shot Liber…
  • Love Brook Benton!  GJ 
  • RIP Otis Rush. https://www.npr.org/2018/09/30/653129759/otis-rush-chicago-blues-legend-dies-at-84 GJ
  • By all means. They should be free! GJ
  • I think there's a thread already here? Am I mistaken? Anyway, these news is at least a couple of months old... GJ
  • He might burn his calfskin head with that heat lamp lighting action... GJ
  • Dang It!! Doxxed again... GJ
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  • They have Wankstain's in China? That may be so, but that's outmoded thinking, Jack. Any Burger, Oppenheimer, or Johnson can be whatever they want, man. Don't push your bourgeois linguistic values on everyone else!!!   I, myself, have my sights set …
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  • Are you assigning someone's vocational occupation based on their last name??!? GJ
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  • Then you'll be just like Ginger Baker. https://www.portlandmercury.com/endhits/archives/2013/01/25/go-see-beware-of-mr-baker GJ 
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  • It it does sound like Curtis a bit. I could see people being confused. Why they would purposely do this though is beyond me. This one always drove me nuts too; same thing, kids telling me "See, it is Bob Marley!":  GJ
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  • Duderonomy said: RhythmGJ said: Duderonomy said: I love funkin'... ! The only session appearances I know of are the famous ones, like Led Zep's John Paul Jones playing bass on Lenny Kravitz's are you gonna go my way. I want to k…
  • Unsung heroes? This list is too long, but I guess I'll throw out Gary Mallaber and Lenny Castro to start. GJ
  • Duderonomy said: I love funkin'... ! The only session appearances I know of are the famous ones, like Led Zep's John Paul Jones playing bass on Lenny Kravitz's are you gonna go my way. I want to know who all the "guest/session" drummers for t…
  • I'm starting a Finger-Wagging Troupe next week. GJ
  • I’m leaning towards Duderonomy’s answer above. It may be sampled from somewhere, but it’s not a real guitar. Mos’ def sounds like a “keyboard guitar”/synth sound, played kind of poorly (if the intent was to make it sound “real”). I may have that exa…
  • Totally off-topic to beat-making, but I got to see Buddy Miles and Alphonso Johnson jam into the wee hours with some local guys in a small club in the 80's, and it was a benchmark/life-changing event... Nice flip, btw! GJ
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  • Link to this magical place?? GJ 
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  • Did anyone else here pick it up? I got the double LP/"Deluxe" vinyl, and it is masterful. GJ
  • He's quirky and individual, I'll give you that. I was unfamiliar, so this is my first exposure. It was a bit of a shock (the voice), but the lyrics sound more like spoken word/poetry over cool beats to me, which isn't necessarily bad. Also, remember…
  • Definitely on my list.  GJ 
  • Great track. Thanks for posting. Hip-Hop not dead?  GJ 
  • There are a bunch of tunes that sampled "Long Train" on WhoSampled. As to the lyric query... ?? GJ
  • SPlDEY said: I'm half way about to solve this problem my damn self. Thought I would rant to you guys before I lose my mind. I get how Pandora, and Spotify, Tidal, and Googleplay work. They're too expensive, and they're not worth it. The artis…
  • Not me. Just asking a question. So, according to the "logic I hate," each individual record collector is somehow "less valuable" because there are more of them? Please explain these logic-I-hate dynamics in more depth, and help me understand how th…
  • Isolation creates pathology. GJ