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  • You. Lately.

    So L*o when are you heading off into the world? Do I need to speed up with my Barca visit?

    Pleased to hear that people are good and that life continues to be an adventure - be it with new arrivals, new challenges, or new locations.


    Still settling back into daily life after three months of enjoying the world and the people who populate it. Foolishly assumed that travelling would somehow solve the questions I have buzzing around my head; it didn't but I had a wonderful time anyway. 
    Learning to accept that there will always be sacrifices and that part of the joy of knowing people from all walks of life is that you are always going to have to balance time seeing them and the places you have fallen in love with. 
    Financially good but workwise spiritually bankrupt and looking to give myself more freedom in that area with some kind of remote job.
    Music wise I am in a very happy place, the more I hear the more there is to discover and I am delighted that this continues to be the case.
    Looking on paring down my belongings a bit, maybe finally purging 95% of the vinyl to follow the movies. Holding off on saying goodbye to the books though - digital just can't match on that front.

    Mainly trying to get back to the moment of peace I felt waking up on a campsite at the top of a volcano to the smell of Eucalyptus and not a single worry in my head.
  • The 2017 RIP Thread

    RIP Harry Dean Stanton

    So many iconic roles, and, from what I've read, someone who was pretty much the same in real life as on the screen.

  • New Music / Release Thread

    In case anyone else is into the Mr Mitch style post-grime-whachu-call-it-I-don't-know-and-I-don't-really-give-a-fuck-can-I-just-enjoy-the-fucking-music sounds, his label Gobstopper, have 95% off everything on their Bandcamp today. Considering that most of their releases are normally 3 quid each, that means it's 50p per release. Sadly all vinyl gone but the digital is still there.


    Edit: I forgot to mention you have to add the discount code "friday" to the purchase screen to get the deal....
  • 2016 - The great Boomer Die Off ?

    All utter heart-ripped-out sadness about Prince aside, I am so, so, so, fucking worried about Stevie Wonder right now. It just feels like the next logical step.