Vulfpeck - Are we just gonna pretend this is not a thing?

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SPlDEY said:
I do wonder if vulfpeck's strangely obsessive fans use their music as a gateway to the stuff that vulf are often pastiching or if there's some superfan mindgardens where this is all happening for the first time. That sounds more critical of the band than it is, though, I really like their stuff, the musicianship is pretty unfuckwithable and they wear their influences on their sleeve and are not secretive or quiet about them to said fans. They try to get the (living) musicians they are into on to stage or tracking sessions with them, which is cool.

The dudes practically worship Bernard Purdie and nerd out about drum recording techniques and minimalist arrangement so the only question is why I hadn't listened to them before recently since they are apparently 5th dimensional versions of me with far better chops and multi-instrumental skill.

Begs the question why havn't we talked about them on the strut before?

- spidey



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    Fock. Never seen or heard nothing of this before. That is music. Beautiful.

  • You know what's weird is I came across a pre-vulfpeck video by the main dude (posted in the other vulf thread) like a year or two before he formed vulfpeck, then ignored them for like six years from their inception until like last month. They came up in my youtube recommendations etc. but the sight of a sleeveless shirt wearing white dude with "rapist glasses" and a headband grimacing into a mic with the title "boogie on reggae woman vulfpeck cover" sounded like hell on earth to me, like some krautrock or cheese metal band destroying a stevie wonder perfection.

    To be frank I still can't get down with the stevie-covering but the above tracks are getting a lot of play with me now. Great attention to musicianship and production while still bedroom-tracking (and live-videoing) everything. It's pretty much what I'd be trying to do if I had a band again...

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    these dudes go all out even on the color treatment of their videos

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    I haven't actually checked out the music yet but am a bit unnerved that someone mentioned them to me in passing last week.

    Online and RW colliding. Matrix glitching.

    I like the anecdote about the silent spotify album funding their free tour.

  • Only christmas music I'd wanna listen to in May:

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    On a side note there is not much chatter of Snarky puppy who I am finger crucifixing for all the above preconceptions.

    But yo, I know they ain't topping the Nth Power (with Nigel Hall).
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