DJ SHADOW's sneaky new approach

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Hey fellas long time lurker here.. Just herd that new DJ SHADOW ischh, and didn't know how I felt about it namean. Not really an Endtroducing fanboy personally namean, but I aint mad at dude neither. He's made some good things, some lame shit, but I still check for homie cause the good shit was pretty damn aight tho right? He just came out with a new track that's a bit more atmospheric, and detailed then his last album. Gone are the Sample collages, and we're hearing heavier strings combined with electronics and mild turntablism. One particular reoccurring theme is definitely an homage to Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt. I honestly have no idea what the RC car and the ladies swimming in a pool have to do with the frozen turntable in that video treatment. Maybe that's the shit DJ Shadow is up to with his millions in his mansion. If I had that kinda money It would be biches and riches and swimming pools for dayz b. I mean freezing a turntable is definitely a unique approach to keep them in good condition, but maybe a bit excessive. Anyways b, this new schitt is fasho far from my favorite track by homie, but it's def a step into new territory.Touche Shadow 2-shay. My review Smash or Trash? I'd fuck with her for a week or two, but then I'd have to dip.

WHADAFUQU thinking about PROFESSOR X? Where's yo head at g? REVEAL THE SECRETS MUFUGA!!!




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    isn't the turntable frozen like han solo in the best star wars movie? i can't even remember the tune anymore

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    Not feeling it at all. Was definitely a fanboy of his production from his early MoWax singles to the UNKLE album. Private Press wasn't my cuppa and he's gone steadily downhill since (IMO). His DJing is undoubtedly great (when he plays the genres I like), and maybe he's a victim of his own success in that he's a marked man in the sample clearance game... would love him to drop the moniker and release some dusty beats on a white label anonymously, but maybe he's no longer feeling funky drums.

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    The track is pretty boring and uninspiring. Insert Doo doo on a stick graemlin.

  • Reminds me of a lot of the sort of drumnbassy-squelchy-dubsteppy-"contemporary" production library instrumentals I find myself sieving through at work from time to time, which isn't a completely terrible thing to me but probably would sound like a pretty harsh diss to Shadow. It'd fit in as one of the more interesting/unique ones, but I'm not sure I could use it in a show.

    That said I appreciate the dude doing new stuff, learning new stuff, and not trying to re-make what made him famous, and as said above, his DJing can be pretty great. Some artists I DO want to hear a career's worth in the vein they establish early on, but I feel no need for DJ Shadow to try to re-do what made him notable.

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    Did he ever Salma on SS?

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    Both thumbs down

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    jjfad027 said:
    Did he ever Salma on SS?
    Between this thread and this one: 


    I don't think Josh is hanging out here anytime soon.. 

    - spidey
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