General European digging question regarding pic sleeve 45s

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I've been picking up pic sleeve 45s of some of the really common stuff that I still like from the 60s, 70s and 80s. However, there are several titles that charted well in the US, but never got a picture sleeve issued domestically. In almost every case, however, many of the Euro releases did have pic sleeves. If I visited any major metropolitan European city (use Amsterdam, London, Paris or Munich as examples) would I likely find all kinds of different European pressings in one city? Would there likely be lots of German pressings in London, for instance? Again, I'm talking about yacht rock and Billboard Top 100 kind of stuff here.


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    I found more of these in Bangkok than England.

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    You'll find a ton of pic sleeves in the country they were released generally, but not other countries. Germany for instance in most major cities there are record/book 2nd hand shops with a load of German releases. You're not likely to find many in the U.K./London, they weren't imported as usually the titles were released domestically so no point in inflated import priced copies, as a rule.

  • Yeah I don't happen across a disproportionate number of picture sleeve 45s in the UK compared to the US, but then, I don't exactly dig far & wide.
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