Couple of floating points track IDs please (apologies if there is a better place than strut central)


  • ppadilhappadilha 1,771 PostsReal Head
    The Brazil track is Trio Ternura - Eta Eta, I think it was only released as a 7".

    It's pitched down a bit there.

  • BigSpliffBigSpliff 3,273 PostsClassic
    This is not the crate digging and bantz site you are looking for.

    2 of the disco ones:
    Blacksmoke (re-edit?)
    Gap Band

    That second gospel one sounds really familiar

  • soulcitizensoulcitizen 304 PostsAlumni
    2nd gospel is 'thank you lord' by the Nelson Family, the album has a few good tracks on

  • First disco: Pepe Bradock "Demarre Le Chauve". The guitar is from Johnny Guitar Watson's "I'm gonna get you baby".

  • First gospel: Darryl Douglas "Holding On".
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