Looking for a scan of the 45 "Black Exotics: Boogie to the beat" on "Mark I" and some others

I'm working on the new edition of the Funky & Groovy Music Records Lexicon. I'm still looking for some scans of original 45s, for example of the original 45 "Black Exotics: Boogie to the beat" on "Mark I".

If you have some of the 45s and could help me with a scan, I would very much appreciate it.
Thank you for any help, Peter

My Email: funkymusic@bluewin.ch

Wanted 45s Scan-List: https://funk.greendisk.ch/FunkyMusicLexiconBook/Wanted 45s Cover Scans.pdf
How the scans should be: https://funk.greendisk.ch/FunkyMusicLexiconBook/How to Scan 45s labels for the Lexicon.pdf

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