Did a 7" Lathe Cut (D&G)

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Don't know if any of you remember, but a couple years ago I had DJ Premier place a track of mine on a "Top 20" list that he posted on various sites/blogs/etc.  After that track my homie Ace and I decided to work on an album together.  It's been a long road, but we're getting really close to releasing the album.  When we were going to debut the LP at the Chreece Hip Hop music festival we put out a snippet/mixtape of b-sides and remixes that weren't on the LP.  Two of the tracks that were featured on the "Something's Coming..." mixtape we had made into a double A-side lathe cut 7".

And here they are... "The House of Dawhud" and the original version of "Goliath".  (which will not be on the album)

Each jacket is individually hand painted and laser etched.  The 7's feature the logo laser etched on the center and limited to 50 copies.  Check it out and hope y'all dig it.  

Also, if you're interested the cassette version of the "Something's Coming" mixtape has 4 cuts produced by Da Beatminerz on the B-side that will not be on the LP.  (only being released on the physical cassette at this time)


  • deezleedeezlee 295 Posts
    Dope! Nice work
    How is the lathe cut vs the master?
    ive been thinking about getting some one-off records cut. 
    You get mono or stereo?

  • DawhudDawhud 213 Posts
    The records are all in mono. There is a difference and if you're using a crappy turntable, like one of those Crossley joints, you'll hear a LOT of surface noise.  But, if you have decent needles and a turntable like a Tech1200, boom.  As far as how loud it is... I'd say it's about 20% lower than some other records, but with how everyone is squashing the shit out of their records to do a single LP press, shiiiiiiiiiit it's probably louder than those joints.

  • deezleedeezlee 295 Posts
    I remember seeing the thread you posted when premier gave you props, that's dope.

  • DawhudDawhud 213 Posts
    I really appreciate it. We literally sent off the LP to get it mastered last night. We're planning on doing a 2xlp press on vinyl for the album.  We've been in post production purgatory for a LONG minute, but it's allowed us to really fine tune it.  We really liked those two tracks that ended up on the lathe cut and didn't want them to end up just being kinda thrown away, so that's why we did this.  It's a nice dip into what the project is.  I've been living with this album for a long time and I'm excited to let people finally hear it.
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