Harp & Tabla

I recently was looking for combinations of Harp and Tabla (any recommendations welcome, there is a lot of horrible stuff around....) and came across this, which added a violin to the mix:

This is pretty much what I was looking for.
Problem is that this seems to be only a Youtube clip.

Any idea whether these people have ever recorded a proper CD together:
Georgie Pope (harp), Gulzar Kayam (violin) and Kayam ali kawa (tabla). 


  • foefoe Marina 166 Posts
    i don't know, but this Georgie Pope could absolutely fool me

  • Mek_JaggerMek_Jagger 317 Posts

    The closest would be Tabla and Santoor (dulcimer) 
    Santoor : Shiv Kumar Sharma 
    Tabla : Manikrao Popatkar

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