DJ XXXL - Nippon Breaks Volume 1 (2005)

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DJ XXXL - Nippon Breaks Volume 1 (2005)

Solid mix of Japan only rock breaks, soundtrack funk, Eastern covers of Western soul hits… This used to drive people up the wall on the forums back in the day.

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  • agree......solid mix.......dope!

  • My favourite bit of the mix is the Mikio Musada track at 1:50 ish. 
    Ive been meaning to do an edit of the track for a whe as its a dope track but has a few rubbish bits (to my ears anyway). 

    I liked this DJ XXXL mix as a lot of the tracks were unknown to me and searching them out over the following months was good fun. 
    The only problem with the XXXL mixes were the mixing. Muro is a great DJ possibly the best I've even seen/heard but on these mixes he didn't seem to put a great deal of effort into how he mixed/arranged the tracks. 

    As for japanese breaks/beats mixes from back in the days I always likes Soul Strut member Funky Mimizu's mixes.

    My my mix from back when I was known as bboy  parkz wasn't too bad either.


  • So I got around to doing the Mikio Musada edit, inspred by Muro's use of the track on Nippon Breaks Volume 1.

  • Amazing! Such a good blend
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